migraine piercing

Things you should know about daith migraine piercing

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What is meant by Migraine Piercing? A daith piercing is a particular type of ear piercing in which an earning goes through the soft part of ear that is cartilage. To be more precise, the earring goes within the firm piece of soft cartilage, called the helix. It is present […]

male ear piercing

Boy Ear Piercing A Complete Overview

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Do you like piercing? Well, girls like it, but boys also use to do. Ear piercing not just limited to girls fashion. The trend of getting ear piercing is old in males. People use to do so since a long time and still do practice ear piercing. However, there are […]


Piercing: A unique mode of wearing jewelry

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Piercing is equally famous for both men and women. This is the unique act of wearing jewelry on different parts of your body. In this method, you make and opening or cutting on different parts of your body where jewelry is worn. It is not the modern concept because history […]