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Shadow Health and Well-being Board – Complete Overview



Shadow Health is an educational software developer of learning environment known as Digital Clinical Experiences (DCE). It was founded in Gainesville, Florida in 2011; It provides web-based clinical learning environments for bachelors, masters and associate degree students and faculty in the fields of nursing and healthcare. The Shadow Health’s DCE is used in universities in the United States and Canada. As a learning management system, each DCE offers educator with administration, documentation and tracking functions for measuring student clinical competence and clinical thinking. Students pass the digital clinical experience gaining confidence, developing clinical skills and learning how to communicate with patients in a safe environment effectively.
Shadow Health

Information about Shadow Health and Wellbeing Board

The shadow and wellbeing board is made up of 12 representatives from the different council and local health and pharmaceutical councils and agencies with terms of reference:

  • To develop a joint strategic needs assessment, draft health and wellbeing strategy and evaluate pharmaceutical needs.
  • To provide a statement on the integration of health services and the provision of social and health services.
  • And to participate in the early implementer network for health and wellbeing boards.

Through the Shadow Health DCE, students engage with Digital Standardized Patients to perform patient tests, practice documentation and developing clinical thinking skills. After completing each patient’s practical examination, students are prompted to reflect on their experiences and compare them with the notes of an expert. Shadow Health main DSP is Tina Jones. According to a health educator at Drexel University, “what truly creates Shadow Health unique is a remarkable fact that Tina acts like a real patient by responding to what is being treated, approached, or the type of questions the student Practitioner asks her.

The Shadow Health work environment includes cross-functional teams using agile management. It is a graduate of the Innovation Hub; a local incubator hub opened in 2011. “Hub tenants have created more than 760 jobs and drawn more than $50 million in private investment funds.” One of the Florida companies to watch in 2014, Shadow Health, continues to expand its offices to larger office spaces in both 2012 and again in December 2015.


Interactive, digital learning environment for health education

Shadow Health is known as an educational software company that develops rich interactive learning environments, including Digital Clinical Experience for nursing and allied health educations programs. Using Health Digital experience, educators increase the efficiency of their classrooms by giving them more time to focus on student achievement.

Latest Technology

Shadow Health’s digital patient technology uses its natural language process algorithm to address communication gaps in the availability, presentation, and standardization of educational experience in nursing and allied healthcare. Existing forms of teaching hands-on patient interaction for health students has proven limited and ineffective.  However, Shadow Health has developed a digital clinical experience that represents educational material in a dedicated, interactive and multimodal form, while providing students with experience. The Shadow Health web-based applications provide a real-time learning experience on various platforms including immersive virtual reality, desktop/laptop PC, web browser and smartphone. Students can write or speak with 3-D characters, and digital patients can respond to more than 100,000 potential questions by allowing them to learn interpersonal skills (e.g., empathy, patient reasoning, and clinical reasoning) and procedural skills.

Shadow Health Market potential

Since its commercial launch in 2013, Shadow Health currently works with more than 900 university-based nursing and allied health education programs, representing 60,000 users. The total size of the domestic market is 7 million annual recurring users.

Shadow Health Strategy

Shadow Health has a completely integrated, internal and field-based sales force consisting of a National Sales Manager, regional account managers, and account coordinators. Through the inner and dedicated sales team, the company maintains maximum efficiency in targeting and earning accounts. These regional account managers, under the direction of their director target schools in their geographies to sell to and then close in both of the 26-week sales cycles per the calendar year.

Technical Specifications for the digital clinical experience

This document can be used to supplement the discussion for implement the Shadow Health digital clinical experience and Learning Management System (LMS) in your learning institution. This document will address some of the major management issues, and your technical department may have. If you have any questions outside the scope of this document, contact your Shadow Health representative who can put you and your institution technical team using the Shadow Health technical gurus.

Server and data are safe

The Shadow Health Management System and the Digital Clinical Experience exceed the minimum requirements for data protection under Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Shadow Health has no access to grades, student IDs, addresses, or other restricted information except the name and email address. Additional security measures include:

  • SSL: The LMS uses secure socket-layer protection to ensure that all data is encrypted during transmission between the student’s browser and the Shadow Health Servers.
  • Credit card transactions: Payment transactions are accepted by a 3rd party, completely PCI compliant vendor. These Servers do not store or transmit credit card information.
  • Database Encryption: The login data and passwords of all users are salted and chopped using crypt.

Heroku managed the Shadow Health servers and located in AMAZON’S EC2 data centers, and data is protected by multiple layers of redundancy and security. The servers require no connection to or from other computers or do not interact with other university LMS systems.

Trusted applications

Shadow Health Learning Management System and Digital Clinical Experience Work With the Unity Web Player. The Unity Web Player is a free browser plug-in that you need to install to use Shadow Health DCE, but it is not required to use Shadow Health LMS features. The Unity Web Player is tracked and maintained by Unity Technologies. In the previous year, the Unity Web Player released 1 upgrade, 0 patches and had required 0 updates.

Shadow Health web-based simulation does not use Java or Flash in any capacity and depends only on activating JavaScript and installing Unity, Web Player.

Note: Unity is easy to install and has strict security protocols in place to ensure it will not compromise the performance or the safety of your computer.


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