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How To Roll Up Sleeves 2 How To Roll Up Sleeves 2


How To Roll Up Sleeves



How to roll up sleeves ?
Shirts are probably one of the most commonly worn clothes around the world. It’s perfect for both formal and casual wear. Be it a party, celebration, church (mass), business meeting, office, college or else, a shirt is your preferred choice.

However, putting on a long sleeved shirt for several hours in the summer can be somehow uncomfortable. Extreme heat, lack of breeze, immoderate perspiration and other factors can only add to the uneasiness. So to be comfortable with this situation, people resort to rolling up their shirt’s sleeves. Well, there are also people out there who don’t always roll up their sleeves because of the reasons mentioned, however for a casual and orderly style.

That being stated, not all people know how to roll up sleeves. Improper roll up does not only open up quickly but also create a sloppy look. It makes you look a bit scruffy, something you definitely wouldn’t want. So to avoid this situation, make sure to roll up your sleeves properly.

There are some ways to know how to roll up sleeves, each of which has its style. Given below are some of the most techniques of how to roll up sleeves:

How to roll up sleeves – Normal Fold

This might be the very best and quickest way to roll up your sleeves. Plus it ensures that there aren’t any wrinkles on the sleeves when rolling down. The steps involve are:

  • Firstly, undo the cuffs of your shirt.
  • After that, roll the sleeves once so that the front part of the cuff is facing inwards and the other part outwards.
  • Repeat the above step again.
  • After rolling it for the 2nd time, just tuck in the corners of the cuff, so they do not protrude.

And there you have it, a simple and tidy sleeve roll. This kind of roll up is best for someone in a hurry.

How to roll up sleeves – Master Fold up

This way of rolling up sleeves will result in a classy and smarter look compared to the previous one. Here’s how to correctly make one:

  • Just like the previous technique, unfasten the shirt’s cuffs.
  • Then turn it interior out.
  • Now pull the flipped cuff straight up until it reaches your elbow. This can even make the sleeve to turn inside out.
  • Subsequently, roll the sleeves starting from down to middle-way up, so that it forms a band-type shape under the cuff.
  • After that roll the turned sleeves more so that it holds the cuff firmly.

This is a bit tricky and will take some time to perfect. So when you have some time, you’re better off attempting this one!

How to roll up sleeves – Over-the-Elbow Roll

This type of roll up is essentially for the people who are into physical work which include engineers and mechanics. It allows them to carry and move their arms freely, with no constraints. The step involves:

  • Follow the first step of the previous techniques.
  • Then bring the cuff inside out.
  • After doing that, measure the cuff and roll it once again.
  • Now you will roll it several times until it doesn’t attain above elbow level. And as soon as it does, stop it!

Well, this isn’t the neatest roll up but serves the reason exceedingly well. Plus it’s pretty easy to accomplish that.

How to roll up sleeves – Sweater Fold

This might be the shortest, but one of the most attractive rolls up stated on this list. You could make one very quickly using following the given steps:

  • Firstly, you will need a sweater/cardigan for this one.
  • Once you’ve worn it, simply pull out the cuffs from the cardigan’s sleeves.
  • After that just fold the cuff once so that the inner part is facing out

And that’s how to make a sweater roll up. Quite simple, isn’t it? Also, wearing a bright color cuff over a dark sweater will virtually create a superb effect

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