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Select best hair color for your skin tone



Most of the people go for hair transformation for the sake of excitement and a new look. The main purpose is to have a different image and figuring out what suits you the best. Doing this required experimentation. This article will mainly concern on the red hair color because it is in trend and gives a startling impression to the viewer. There are certain tips which should be followed in order to determine that what type of step you should take. Getting transformation always involves risk and you have to be bold enough to face the new image of yourself. Just like a single shoe size doesn’t fit all, the same hair color you have seen someone wearing in a television commercial or in a show would not necessarily go with your appearance. So, some of the things should be critically analyzed as prerequisites for hair coloring.

Red hair selection

This is a pretty bold color and you should be really selective about getting the right shade. The shade you select mainly depends on the type of skin color you have. Some of the things that you should consider while deciding about wearing the red color on your hair are as follows.

Pink skin

There are multiple shades of every color. Such is the case with red color. It includes various colors out there and you can select any one of them that goes with your skin texture. With all the previous experiences it is considered that the skin which is best for the pure red hair is the pink skin. It goes really amazing with a pinkish glow. Most of the women whose skin tone is of olive or golden color have difficulty in finding out the best shade or red for their hairs. So, always be really selective in accordance o your skin type and color.

Attention seeking behavior

The red color itself is really attractive and grabs the attention of people around you before you even make a move. You have to be really bold and acceptance level should be strong if you are taking this step. Most of the people will stare at you and you should behave really confident of the new change with your appearance.

Better condition of hair

The overall health of hairs should be good to be colored. Of the strands or ends are damaged or dry, they will not hold the color particles in a good manner. Certain steps should be taken in order to make your hair safe. First of all, deep conditioning is the main requirement. If your hairs are conditioned regularly they will not suffer from the damage at ends. Then, regular trimming is also a must thing to do. The damage fry ends will be eliminated by time and you will be left with the most perfectly shaped hairs. Another thing is to protect your hair by avoiding the use of heat styling. It really looks good but doing it every day will not only damage your hair but also affect the length of the time period to bear the color.

Steps that should be taken to maintain the red color of hairs

Avoiding harsh shampoo

Red is the color which is high radiant and requires a lot of care for survival over the longer run. If you have some hair issues like dandruff and you use harsh shampoos to treat that issue, it will definitely affect the color and it will fade away in even weeks. The best thing to do in this scenario is to get the recommended shampoo for the colored hair. It will improve the quality of color and the color will not wear off that soon.

Not frequently wash your hair

The frequent washes make the hair bonding weak and the color does not persist for a long time. Having a head wash twice in a week is sufficient. It will not harm your scalp, as well as the color quality, is also maintained by this. If you have oily hair problem then you can wash your hair after short intervals. Other precautions include washing with the normal temperature water. It is recommended by dermatologists to never wash your head with hot water. Another point is to avoid the use of dry shampoos. They will dry out your scalp and the roots will become weak.

Covering up head
covering head

The oxidation level of red hair is more as compared to other colors. It is best to make use of the products with more amount of UV protection. This will reduce the effect of outside environment on color quality. Many styling products are available in the market for this purpose. If you are going to stay out for a long period of time then it is good to cover your hair with a scarf or a hat.

Changes in your routine to match it with red hair

There are some of the changes that should be done in your routine so that the red color becomes part of your lifestyle. In order to adapt to the change, some routine patterns require modifications. First of all, there is no need to put on smoky makeup on your eyes, this is because red color is already attention seeking and smoky makeup will look something overbearing. The use of ink material in your makeup will boost the look. It will look exceptionally amazing to use the pink gloss or blush. The last thing which is really not acceptable is that most of the people try to match their eyebrows with the hair color which is not at all acceptable.

These were some of the clear instructions to follow if you are considering having red hair.  The main concern here is to improve the overall image f your personality. The primary thing is to make the right color selection. Then, you can modify and do further experiments with it. So, get ready and explore new shades of hair colors.

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