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Reasons Why Walmart Pharmacy Should Be Your One stop Pharmacy



3 Reasons Why Walmart Pharmacy Should Be Your One stop Pharmacy

Quality health care is a fundamental foundation for a better life. Being a top leading prescription drugs retailer in the US, Walmart Pharmacy deals with prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) medications. With its in-store marketing, Walmart Pharmacy is bent on meeting all their customers’ medical needs. Every day, it gives its pharmacists the resources and tools to deliver quality health care to patients. Besides service to clients, striving for excellence and respect for individuals remains a critical culture at Walmart Pharmacy.Walmart Pharmacy

Below are some of the merits why Walmart Pharmacy should be your one stop online pharmacy

  • Seamless Workflow and Technology

Across the country, a seamlessly integrated technology that connects pharmacists to patient’s history is in operation. Additionally, the company has designed its computer system and workflow to allow a pharmacist to spend more time with their patients through the provision of accurate and appropriate prescription service.

In Sam’s club for example, a quarterly health care screening is conducted for its members. The services offered include glucose, body mass index and bone density screenings.

  • $4 Prescription Support

            Walmart has used its buying power to provide affordable medications to patients. The company offers a considerable diagnosis for only $4 for a 30-day supply. While Walmart Pharmacy supports affordable health care for its patients, it’s also committed to providing its pharmacists a positive working place that continually offers rewards and challenges.

  • Walmart Pharmacy App

At the comfort of your home, with this App, you can:

  • Refill a Walmart Prescription. You don’t need to have an account; all that is required is a label.
  • Change your prescription from any other pharmacy to Walmart.
  • Refill your current prescription by just tapping your smart phone.
  • Keep track of your orders, expiry dates and get to know how many more orders you have.
  • View all the Walmart range of prescriptions that will only cost you $4.
  • Locate the nearest Walmart Pharmacies.

With the Walmart App, you are capable saving both time and money through long queues. The App simplifies everything by sampling keeping track of all your pharmacy events just from a click of a button on your smartphone.

Apart from prescription drugs, customers can also provide Medicare covers which include; Medicare Part A, B, C, and D.

  1. Part A: covers basic hospital, hospice, and nursing services.
  2. Part B: cover lab tests, required immunizations. Also, it caters for equipment like wheelchairs and crutches or a visit to a physician.
  3. Part C: Besides optical and dental services, it covers in detail part A Medicare.
  4. Part D: Plans are often offered by insurers to cover a range of generic prescription medicines. It caters for medications that are not included in plan A and B. To enroll for this program you must be 65 years and above, however, if you are below 65 age and you suffer from Lou Gehrig’s diseases, Walmart Pharmacy under part D Medicare will take care of medical bills. If you are Medicare eligible, then you can enroll in this plan. You are required to pay a monthly premium for you to join in this scheme.

With Medicare, also, you can get additional services like:

  • Low-income subsidy-

    with this service, if your income is meager, you qualify for assistance with your Medicare drug costs. Apart from that, you will also get Medicaid, Medicare and Supplemental Security Income benefits and your state will pay for your Medicare Part A or B premiums.

  • Preventative services

  • your health insurance plan will cover these services without you having to pay anything. However, your network provider will have to deliver them to you.


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