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The Jewel of the East Coast, North Carolina’s Outer banks



The east coasts undiscovered tourist destination Outer banks, is considered to be the jewel on the east coast.  For many years the Outer banks has been a wonderful place to get away.  There are wide stretches of beach that span for miles and several islands that you are able to visit easily by car.  It’s just a short trip from the Hampton Roads area, only taking about an hour drive.  Coming across the Wright Memorial bridge, the first of the islands you will encounter is comprised of 3 towns. Kitty Hawk, the first of wonderful Outerbanks towns is known for great surf, family entertainment, great restaurants like Bad Bean Grill, The Black Pelican, Maxes Pizza Company, Trio (Wine, Beer & Cheese), Jimmy’s Seafood Buffet and nightlife spots like Longboards, BK Shuckers, and Ocean Blvd Bistro.  Travelers and tourists can also encounter live music all through out the Outer banks.


The next stop on the island is the second town of Kill Devil Hills where you will find many attractions and places to visit.  To start, you can make your way to the national memorial to the Wright Brothers located around milepost 7.5.  Learn all about the building of the first plane ever built by the 2 brothers from North Carolina.  (


Then take a journey a little further south to Jocky’s Ridge state park where you can actually indulge in hand gliding and flying large kites. There are also plenty of other things to do while you are in the town of Kill Devil Hills, including a visit to the Kill Devil Grill, a nice little diner located on beach road.  Other then food and flying, you can also find a time to have fun and unwind with a couple rounds of putt putt at Lost Treasure Golf. (  You can find more putt-putt adventures at Mutiny Bay Adventure Golf, and right next store you can spend the rest of the day racing car’s and go-carts at Full Throttle Speedway.

After a long day of activities, make your way over to Mama’s Kwan’s for the best tuna nachos on the east coast!  Find out why the local say, It’s All Good when you goto Mama Kwan’s.


Finally heading further south on Route US-158 you will venture into the heart of the town of Nags Head.  Some of the east coast’s most pristine beaches are found between Nags Head and Cape Hatteras Island.  The first of the beaches you will find is Cape Hatteras’s Pea Island National Refuge.  Venturing further down South Croatan Highway, you will find a variety of places to stop.   Oddly, the surrounding area looks like a deserted island with a 2 lane road dividing it but along the way there are a couple of areas to stop.  One of those area’s contains a nice RV capable public campground.  It has standard statewide fee’s that are due to stay which makes it more for affordable then resort camping.

You can also just get a lot to pitch a tent and stay the night to.  It’s the perfect place for a 2 day getaway where you can enjoy the pristine beaches of the Outer banks.

Not to mention that further up the road you can drive on the beach at one of the SUV ramps also located before you cross the Bonner Bridge.  Before the bridge starts at the end there is also another SUV ramp to the left on the east site and then to the right you will find a marina where you can drop your boat in and go fishing for the day.  While treadling on Pea Island National Refuge you can also visit the Bodie Island Lighthouse where you can get a view of the southern tip of Pea Island.  It’s a beautiful view and a great place to stop and stretch your legs and eat a sandwich.

There are several other islands and towns on the way down to Hatteras Island like Rodanthe, Avon, Waves, and then Buxton.  Since the tourist destination of the Outer banks has seen increased popularity many of the towns have added amenities and attractions to keep the journey exciting all the way down.  Some of those places include the Real Watersports and Watermans Grill which you will find on the right when you make your way into the town of Waves.  Its a huge mega waterspouts store including a variety of surf, wind surf, paddle boarding (SUP) and other waterspouts gear.

There is probably no bigger selection of surfboards found anywhere else on the Outer banks.  They also have lessons, and a lodging area where you can take up surf, wind surf and stand up paddle boarding lessons.  It’s definitely a spot worth stopping and checking out.  The also have a brand new rock climbing area that you will find too when you get to Rodanthe.  There is plenty more to see when you travel the Outer banks and I hope you enjoy your stay when you decide to take the trip.

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