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Myrtle Beach, more then just golf and a beach!



Myrtle Beach has been synonymous with the golf community for years, and most often thought of as an alternative tourist destination.  However, Myrtle Beach has changed over the years and is now a mecca of entertainment for beach goers and tourists alike.  My recent visit to Myrtle Beach was an amazing one and I found more entertainment then I had money for.  If you are looking to visit, just make sure you have a little bit of extra money to do all of the things you’d like because there seem to be endless attractions.


There are also many things you can do and see without breaking the bank though, and I am going to mention some of them here.  When you first drive into Myrtle Beach down US 501 east  toward the beach as you look up and to the left you can see a long array of hotels and the SkyWheel.  The SkyWheel is not a free attraction, but if you want to see all of Myrtle Beach in one felt swoop that is the place to do it.  It’s about $13-$15 for adults and $9 for children.   It is one of the best places in MB to get a view of the entire oceanfront.  The reason I started talking about the SkyWheel is because it is a destination that will lead you to some of the free things you can do while in Myrtle Beach.


Once you arrive at the oceanfront, if you ride 501 east all the way in, on your left side once you get to the beach will be the Ripley’s believe it or Not exhibit and museum.  This of course does cost money too, but a good attraction to visit right when you get to downtown Myrtle Beach.  If you head east on the street you will run right into the boardwalk and if its in season there will be one of the MB Downtown stages  on your right where you can see live bands including country, modern rock, top 40, and R&B music.  Once your on the boardwalk, if you head to the north there is another stage about 2 blocks away right in front of the SkyWheel.  A whole other variety of acts can be seen on this stage and at no cost to you.  During your walk to the north, there are various arcade style places where you can play pinball, videos games, pool, foosball, and even the classic amusement part games like squirting the clown in the face to win a prize.


From the very first stage, if you head south you can immediately visit the 18th Street Tiki Bar, a cool place to get food, hang on the beach and also catch some live music if its the right night. As you continue your journey south you will see a winding beach boardwalk with very neat outdoor beach style artwork, with benches and shaded covering at almost every block.  While on the boardwalk you will see little night life spots like Hammerheads Bar, Sharkey’s and variety of other restaurant type places.  Good food can be found in quite a few places down at the MB Boardwalk.  One of those places is the Pier House restaurant located at the end of 2nd Ave.  You can also get some fishing in if you like at Pier 2, or Pier 14.  Take your pick of two nice oceanfront piers located right off the boardwalk.


If you like shopping, and mall type destinations then if you drive back west down 501, in a couple miles you will be close to Myrtle Beach’s Broadway at the Beach.   It’s a giant beautiful out door shopping arena, entangled with tons of cool shops, food spots and even places like the new Hard Rock Cafe Myrtle Beach.  There is also now a really nice modern amusement park on the outskirts of Broadway for more family fun and games.  With over 20 something restaurants its also no surprise that Broadway the Beach is one of MB’s biggest food destinations.  After you are done from a day of shopping and eating you can top off the evening with one of the area’s entertainment spots.   (Link to Broadway at the Beach Attractions –

There is plenty to do including amazing putt putt golf at Dragon’s Lair Fatasy Golf,  or take in a Helicopter ride and tour the evening sky with Helicopter Adventures of MB, and last but not least the Hollywood Wax Museum is an awesome place to see your favorite stars.  If you haven’t been to Myrtle Beach in a while, you are definitely missing out!  There is something here for everyone.  Hope you enjoy your stay at Myrtle Beach and please tell someone about the best new information resource on the web, The Info


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