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INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY: Amazing inventions that could be launched soon




The Cowarobot R1 is an autonomous intelligent suitcase that follows the user who is using the strap and avoids obstacles in your way. She can walk on flat surfaces 7 km / h, ramps with gradients of up to 15 degrees and go 20 km on a single charge. Has patented a depth sensor, a set of sonar and cliff detection sensors that send data to the autonomous driving system -CO-MOVE system. Also, the CO -The SMART lock features proximity alarm and built-in GPS, which ensure that the belongings remain in perfect safety.


The Cronzy is a pen that allows the user to write or draw over 16 million colors. Just point the pen to any object a color scanner embedded in the body of this, will scan the color in aplicaitivo to you select it and then recreate it on paper. The pen comes with a power source, charging case, five interchangeable tips of different diameters, two set of cartridges with ink and instructions. It also has the application for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, in which you can save the scanned colors and share on social networks.


Ava is a bracelet that has the function to help women who wish to have children and others seeking alternative methods of contraception. The device collects three million data while the woman is asleep, they are: related to estradiol, progesterone, heart rate and temperature. Subsequently, the information is sent to the iOS app, which tells the information through charts, along with a course schedule, which reveals the fertile period. The bracelet has ten sensors that collect information and runs for 12 hours on single charge.


According to the creators, Buddy is a social robot able to connect, protect and interact with each family member. It performs functions such as ensuring the safety of the house and alert owners if you encounter any problems, and make calls, take pictures, recognize family members and receive orders, annotate and transmit messages. It has trunk, arms, a rotary head and an eight-inch tablet in place face.


The Alchema is a machine designed for fermenting cider, mead or wine craft. Simply install the application, choose the recipe and put together the necessary ingredients according to the amount indicated by the weight sensor. Then the user must add the yeast (supplied with the unit) to the fermentation process that turns sugar in water starts. The user can monitor the process through the application.


The Nimb is a ring which aims to promote security since it features a hidden button so that the user can ask for help when in danger. In any trouble situation, it is necessary to press for three seconds the “panic button” on Nimb. Immediately it will notify up to three people who will receive the user’s GPS location. It also provides feedback with a vibration, so that you can know that the message was sent and help is on the way. It is available in colors Stealth Black and Classic White.


According to its creator, the start-up Perseus, this gadget is “the most intelligent mirror of the world.” It has several functions, including high-definition camera, voice recognition, and internet access. You can watch a video while glosses, you can take a look at social networks, see the temperature, traffic, news of the day, all in the mirror itself through voice recognition and Wi-Fi connection.


The Airing is a mini device that does not have any hoses, cables or mask. It was designed for people who suffer from apnea sono.Ele promises to end snoring and promote a peaceful and comfortable night. Simply put the device into the nostrils he uses a set of compounds micro venti adores electrostatic pump, when active, can form a slight air flow to encourage the passage of air from the nostrils to the lungs, preventing snoring. The Airinf not have recharge and is hand-with-new-airing.


The Photon, according to the brand, is the first robot that grows along with the child. The gadget was created for small six to twelve years. Its functions include teaching programming to children, storytelling launching daily challenges, among others. The robot is still paired with smartphones and tablets that allow children to interact and create their programs. As the child develops, it unlocks new skills.


The Branto is a device that serves as personal assistant wireless and aims to ensure the safety and functioning of the house, even from a distance. The main functions are 360 ° view, where the user when you are away from home, you can hear and talk to anyone at home, videoconferencing, where you can get videos when some noise or strange movement occur in the home and also control over devices like television, lights, and locks.

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