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History Of India History Of India


The history of India with complete overview



The history of India with complete overview

It is the right of every person to know about the history of each country that can help him to understand their culture, religion, and most importantly independently. Today, many countries progressed themselves from the bottom and came on top as one of the most prosperous countries one of them is India. Unlike any other country, the history of India holds the very interesting story and knowledge that you all should know so you can tell your friends about it as the world has grown into different economies and is still very far away from understanding the value of a country.
History of india

India came into existence on August 15, 1947, but before that, it is necessary to look back its history the people who linked to it and how was its civilization worked those days.

Indian history started with the birth of Hindus who were mostly in the fifth century and known as Buddhism, and their reign lasted across the Asia for many decades. At that time it was considered as the Ancient India where people worship various gods in forms of animals and those Hindu civilians known to make the weapons and tools using, bronze, copper, tin and much more. They were working on the economic system for domesticated agriculture and traded them with some Middle East countries.

Having said that we have below summarized the real facts about the history of India with complete overview to help you understand why it came into existence, what about its culture, is it safe to say that this country is a superpower, which is the exact number India arrives in the world, how much value this country holds today, from the political point of view is it going fine and is it the largest country regarding to the population.

  • Why it came into existence?

India is the only country who had seen many rises and fall of many great men who had led it when British empire came to the India in the 15th century there were many wars going on and their many legends were born to fight from the great Akbar, Shah JAHAN, and Shiva who in 1658 fight for cause of separating it from other countries because of their cruelty and slavery. You can say that the MUGHAL Empire only comes from this side as one of the greatest warriors in the world.

  • Who is the man responsible for making it accurate in the history of India?

When you talk about many great leaderships and examples for India there is one name came to mind is none other than Mahatma Gandhi who is responsible for making it a reality and fought very hard both on the economical and political level to gain control and manage to separate it from the cruelty of British empire.

  • What about its culture?

If there is one thing that makes a country very recognizable is its culture in India, this comes in many forms people usually has their value and terms when it comes to worshipping the God. They made their stone Gods and sang their prayers. Many of them are related to spiritually, and other based on regionally.

  • Is it safe to say that this country is a super power?

Nowadays, which country you look like the super power and India indeed holds the Atomic power which makes it a super power among the many other larger countries. As for now India has progressed so much and become a something no one has ever imagined.

  • Which is the exact number India comes in the world?

For many of you who don’t know that India is the seventh largest country in the world who has gained so much not relying on other but its own independently. The reason is simple all the sectors divided in the history of India from west to east are all based on economically larger than any other country.

  • How much value this country holds today?

The modern India as of today has shown a lot of strength in both political and business point of view. The reason is quite simple there are many historical places that people come to India to visit and see and modern cities like, Mumbai and New Delhi. At this moment the modern India has been divided into many religions including,

  • Hinduism 80.0%
  • Christianity 2.5%
  • Islam 15.3%
  • Buddhism 0.9
  • Jainism 0.6
  • Sikhism 1.8

These are the beliefs modern India has turned into these days

  • From the political point of view is it going fine?

If there is one thing that India is mostly known for is its policy level, they say you can’t run a country without its leadership and enthusiasm and there were many great presidents and prime ministers has come and gone but one has shown such compassion and integrity like its current PM NARENDRA MODI who has taken the government by storm and is responsible for making the atomic power as we all know today.

  • Is it the largest country regarding the population?

The biggest question comes to every person’s mind that is India the largest country when it comes to the population so here is your answer India is the 2nd largest country with more than 1.5 billion people and is keep growing. One thing cleared that a country where poverty is at its highest peak and civilians live in shelters shows that humanity hasn’t lost yet and they keep progressing and showing what unity is whenever they come across for any cause.

These are the some real facts about the history of India with complete overview that shows briefly about the past, present and future of India who is among those countries where they keep pushing their lucks and produced some incredible people in the history of mankind no one can deny its value in the world whether you are history student or new learner this information will certainly going to help you a lot.

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