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HBO Is Hacked And Upcoming Episodes Of Thrones Are Released





Hackers have stolen what HBO Hacked on Monday called “proprietary information,” from the company’s computers. Although it has not disclosed what was taken, some reporters said the stolen information could include new episodes of a series and also some documents related to the Game of Thrones.

The Chief Executive officer Richard Plepler reported the breach in an email sent to employees on Monday morning referencing that “there has been a cyber-incident sent to the company which has resulted in some stolen proprietary information, including some of the company programming. Any imposition of this kind is obviously disturbing, worrying and disruptive for all of us. ”

A lot of reporters, including Entertainment Weekly and Reuters, referred to an unnamed email from the HBO hacked, stating they had gotten about 1.5 terabytes of data, including indefinite material from the Game of Thrones.

One episode of Ballers and Room 104 were released online, but there were no episodes of Game of Thrones released, according to Entertainment Weekly, which reported that HBO hacked might have taken a story treatment or a script describing next week’s episode of the show. HBO Go went to extraordinary pains to protect the next plot twists from the Game of Thrones before licking to the public.

The statement from the HBO hacked did not detailed when the incident happened, and the company refused to issue detailed comments on the material stolen. “The Game of Thrones” is a valuable asset for HBO Go, and HBO has done their best to avoid the episode of the series from leaking online before their air date.

According to the figures and revenue streams, HBO have a keen interest in making sure that viewers won’t get their hands on “Game of Thrones” without an HBO subscription. After the first four episodes of the show’s fifth season have been leaked, the network has stopped sending advance screenings even for criticisms. The seventh season of the show, the only chance to watch the first episode was one of the screenings in Los Angeles.

Hackers have targeted Hollywood studios before. A team known as ‘’The Dark Overload’’ demanded ransom for their Netflix hacked in April of the upcoming season of Orange is the New Black.

Well, that’s not surprising. According to the latest dispatch from Variety, the hackers who broke into HBO Go servers and stole 1.5 terabytes of data, which includes the least one Game of Thrones script, also took employee data. Moreover, the hackers made off with “thousands of HBO (Home Box Office) internal company documents. That’s bad.

All thanks to the DMCA takedown notice, we are now aware that the cyber HBO Hacked not only include secret information about shows but also information about HBO Go employees. This upgrade was known as a result of the discovery that was made by a security company recently responsible for preventing stolen links showing on Google. Variety reports:

It seems the hackers have also leaked some personal information of a senior HBO Go executive. This report will be published online in a text document that contains access information to many online accounts, including paid newspaper subscriptions, online banking, and personal health services. At least one of these accounts can also give hackers access to the executive’s work email.

An image file that was also leaked appears to show a screenshot of HBO’s Hacked internal management tools, employee names and email addresses and their position within the organization.

This discovery makes the HBO Hacked look similar to the scary Sony hack of 2014, an incident that led to bad things like leaked financial data and details of Sony executives Amazon purchases.

At first, it seemed that the recent HBO hacked and a possible leak of the Game of Thrones data was the strongest. The digital thieves also reportedly leaked unseen episodes of Ballers, uncertainty and Room 104, but these plot lines will hardly change the scope of world politics in the same way that George R.R Martin’s dragon-studded epic might. The new disclosure by variety reports also include two episodes of ‘’Barry’’ “hit-man comedy with Bill Hader, which is not expected to be on the air till 2018.”

For now, it seems the HBO Go is trying their best to stop the dissemination of the leaked information. To the company’s credit, links to download the stolen data haven’t made it on to mainstream internet forums, but surely in the coming hours and days. Let’s hope it won’t happen. It can be fun to find out what’s going on in the Game of Thrones. It’s not fun for HBO’s naive employees to deal with the disaster of their personal information being leaked on the web.

The HBO Company is now assuring the staff that their email inboxes were not included in the attack. As Entertainment Weekly reported, President of the HBO Richard Plepler told HBO employees in an e-mail:

As promised, I wanted to let you know about our current cyber incident and where we currently stand. There has been and will continue to be an enormous speculation in the media. It is important to understand that, as is often the case, things that you read may not be true. Many people have become particularly concerned about our email system. At this time, we do not believe our whole mail system has been compromised, but the judicial review is ongoing. We are also in the process of engaging an outside firm to work with our employees to perform the credit check, and we will investigate the details. Meanwhile, we will continue to do an excellent job that defines this company in all departments and know that the appropriate teams are tirelessly working to manage our way through this difficult and challenging time.

That being said, we still do not know if the hackers managed to get ahold of any emails. That’s up to the hackers to state at this point.


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