Ear Piercing 2

Ear Piercing And Its History

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Ear Piercing and Its Procedure Ear piercing is one of the ancient practices, that is still been practiced till today. The ear piercing is a procedure of creating a small hollow through the ear pinna, so that anything with the front length of a needle can be inserted effortlessly in […]

Home Remedies For Infected Belly Button Piercing 1

Facts Of Belly Button Piercing

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Belly button piercing can also be called navel piercing, it is done by both men and women, but mostly seen on women. Compared to other body piercing, it takes a longer period to heal, but when we take timely and proper care of this delicate piercing, it heals rapidly. If […]

Nipple piercing

Procedures of Nipple Piercing

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What is Nipple Piercing ​Nipple Piercing is a fashion statement. It evolved in the 17th and 18th century, and it still in vogue till today, already a growing trend. It is painful and permanent. Some do it arouse their sexual sensation, while others do it as a way of decorating their bodies. Drilling […]


Piercing: A unique mode of wearing jewelry

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Piercing is equally famous for both men and women. This is the unique act of wearing jewelry on different parts of your body. In this method, you make and opening or cutting on different parts of your body where jewelry is worn. It is not the modern concept because history […]